Thursday, October 28, 2010

It might take more than a rally to restore my sanity.

Have you been living under a rock? If so, then you are probably one of 3 people in the country who have not heard about The Daily Show's upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity taking place this Saturday on the National Mall.*

Wait, you haven't been living under a rock? Good for you! That means you are well aware that Jon Stewart, the whole cast of The Daily Show, and even Stephen Colbert and his peeps are descending on DC tomorrow to restore our nation's sanity and keep fear alive. Probably more of the former rather than the latter though. The media has been all over this, seeing how it seems to attract everyone's favorite age group (the elusive 18-49 year old demographic), and the nation's hippest politic satirists. Plus, this is kind of the coolest thing to happen in DC in a long time.

If you're planning to attend the rally (along with you friendly neighborhood tv sluts), you can find the break-downs of dos and don'ts and the rally's website here. You can also upload a picture of the sign you intend to carry and take a gander at all the photos people have put on the site. AND you can print out your official rally badge. Fun, right?

If you don't really give a crap about the reality of the rally and just want to see some good old fashioned satire, check out the Washington City Paper's memo on employees attending the rally. Apparently, to be non-participatory you have to chuckle at ALL the jokes, even if you don't really find them funny. No outright laughing...just chuckling. Except for jokes about terrorists...those are fair game.

Lisa de Moraes over at the Washington Post has also clued us in on the proposed schedule for the event, based on the National Park permit obtained by the show. The website may say noon, but don't be fooled! Things aren't really going to kick off until 1:00. Until then, we'll have to sit through the pre pre pre show. No skin off my back, I'll have homemade mac and cheese courtesy of my pal, Chris, to keep me busy. The article also includes information on watching the rally from home for all you lazy people out there.

Finally, USA Today wants to know, does any of this really matter? Do people think the rally is going to actually change anything or even spark any real political discussion? To which I say, yes. Sure, a lot of people are showing up to see some celebrities and have a few laughs, but I think they are going to be surprised by how serious a lot of people are about using this forum to have a frank discussion about our current political situation. Sure, Jon Stewart can do funny, but he can also do real, and I think we are going to get some serious discourse going here. In between all the terrorist jokes, of course.

See you all on Saturday!

* Btw, the other people who have not heard of the rally are a housewife in Kansas whose husband doesn't allow her any access to the media since it might "put ideas in her head," and a 20 something white male serial killer who drives America's lonely highways 24/7 trolling for foolish young women who hitchhike. His XM radio is broken.

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