Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boo! And not in the fun Halloween sense.

I just popped over to Entertainment Weekly while taking a little break from work, and DAMMIT. ABC went and canceled The Whole Truth. I know it wasn't doing stellar in the ratings, but it was actually one of my favorite new shows from this season. Monkey Sri mentioned it in her post about ABC's Wednesday night line-up and I wrote about my love for the show in the comments, so I am kind of upset.

The thing that the show did really well, that a lot of other legal dramas don't seem overly concerned with, is showing the why of how certain evidence ends up before a jury in a trial and other evidence is excluded. For a show called The Whole Truth, it's not really concerned with the truth: only showing how advocates on both sides build and present their case and what version of the truth appears before a jury. It's only in the very last seconds of the show that the "whole truth" is revealed...and that's what made the show so interesting!

So poop on your, ABC. You can mitigate the damage somewhat by choosing to air the remaining 13 episodes.

But wait! Glee is releasing a Christmas album on November 16, and having a Christmas themed episode on December 7! Ok, now I am somewhat cheered.

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