Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh, yeah? Well your idea about how to end the economic crisis is STUPID.

Ah, elections. What should be a forum for the exchange of differing ideas of how to best improve our country and localities through mature political discourse has clearly devolved into petty feuds and people SHOUTING at one another because they are RIGHT and you are WRONG (can you tell I'm a little bitter?). Our guest-blogger, Pete, whom you might remember from his past posts sent from Switzerland, weighs in on the current state of political ads. Also, Happy Birthday, Pete!

It's that time of year again. The weather jumps back and forth between summer and fall (in Virginia at least); the world series is about to begin. And I can't watch 20 minutes of tv without seeing a stupid political campaign ad. The ads have even invaded Hulu! Now I don't mean to start a discussion about partisan politics (the congressional race here isn't even close), rather I want to vent about the dreadful tv spots. For instance check out this gem (note the sarcasm):

This ad clearly states that Tom Perriello supports "Threatening Hospitals & Seniors" and "Over 50,000 Jobs Lost". Gimme a break. They really should be focusing on this guy's lack of a neck.

Seriously where is it? And it's not like the other campaign is any better. Watch this ad where they literally make fun of the other candidates name at the 0:27 mark.

C'mon who does that? Are these "men" running for federal office or 4th grade class treasurer? I just can't wait for this nonsense to end.

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