Thursday, October 14, 2010

Does She Come With the Dream House Playset?

The good people from the late Dollhouse have come back together (if only briefly) to give us a bit more from that world. Sorta. Cast and crew recently filmed a video for the song “Remains,”which fans of the show will remember as the song used in the final scenes of the first season finale episode, “Epitaph One.”

While clearly not an exact slice of the Dollhouse universe, despite the presence of a few alums, the video is pretty in keeping with the themes of the show. Where Dollhouse was always metaphorically about disposable people, this video just takes the metaphor and makes it literal.


There are two glaring conclusions that we can draw from this semi-addition to the Whedonverse: first, even in an alternate version of Los Angeles, Topher is still a dick. Second, Holy Great Muppity Odin is Maurissa Tancharoen ever tiny! She literally fits in a box!

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