Monday, October 04, 2010

Hit Britney One More Time

Im back, the Glee loathing critic of yore (yes, I wrote yore). One might ask at this point, Whitney why ever are you still watching Glee if you loath it so much. To be honest, I am holding out hope that Glee will go back to being the glee I fell in love with months ago. The Glee that introduces us to new music and helps us fall in love again with music we once loved. Additionally, the first mini season of Glee did have some fun and addictive plot.

Ok, on to my article on this week's Glee. As we all know, it was the SPECTACULAR, LIFE-ALTERING Britney episode. This episode personfied exactly what I have been talking about for months. Instead of fitting songs into a steady plot, the producers of glee are trying to force songs into a choppy and practically nonexistent plot. This episode not only lacked a cohesive plot but the song numbers were completely un creative. Each of the Britney numbers were done as "dream sequences" that were direct duplicated of britney spears performances. I will admit they looked great for the duplicates that they were.

I will admit I was shocked at what an excellent performance Heather Morris who plays Britney S. Pierce. Her singing wasn't bad but her dancing really was spectacular. Though some scenes may have been stunt doubles, her general performances were good (especially for a practically under used character).

Overall the show stunk. If you are a Britney fan, you may have enjoyed the music. But the plot was stupid both the Rachel Finn plot and the Mr Shu mid life crisis. The Spears cameos were awful. Poor girl couldn't act her way out of a paper back.

The final groupd number of the show wasn't bad. It was a more traditional glee style performance (despite an awkward teacher presence). I thought it wasn't bad and is below for your viewing pleasure.

As a complete side note, Lea Michelle this is a cry out for you. Eat girl! Do not turn into one of those awful stick figure starlets. I am depressed on how she has let the pressures of hollywood get to her.


Jenna said...

Well of course Heather Morris can dance -she was a back-up dancer for Beyonce. But ugh. Putting all of the actors under anesthesia does not make a good show.

Maggie Cats said...

I didn't really notice the weight loss until you posted the pictures. I think she looked beautiful and while she looks great now, she's definitely approaching danger waif territory. Stay as you are, Lea!

Also we finally found a song that doesn't work with Lea's voice. I thought Hit Me One More Time was kind of awful. But yay, for Toxic!

Jennifer said...

Sadly, I agree. It was a tremendous effort to shoe-horn as many Spears songs into the show as possible. But, I was totally excited to see Heather Morris get a chance to sing...I knew she was a dancer. I think she was originally hired as a one show character to teach the "All the Single Ladies" dance and appear in that episode and then they decided that the Britney role they created was funny. My husband enjoyed the episode though. Perhaps a bit too much.