Thursday, January 08, 2009

Who are these "People"?

For those who are unaware (almost everyone) last night was the first in a slew if of award shows. The winners can be found here. I have a HUGE amount of criticism towards the television winners.

I support all things House, which took home the "Favorite TV DRAMA" award and the "Favorite MALE TV STAR." However, almost every other winner is utterly ridiculous. My first issue lies with Heroes winning "Favorite Sci Fi" show. Why are we congratulating a job POORLY done? This season has been universally awful (as I previously posted) so WHY give them awards? I would have much rather former Mighty Ducks star Josh Jackson get some recognition for The Fringe.

In addition, The Mentalist, a blatant rip off of Psych on USA won "Favorite NEW TV DRAMA." As it stands, I know no one who watches this show. Same thing applies to Gary Unmarried (though I am a huge Jay Mohr fan) which won "Favorite NEW TV COMEDY." Though the other nominees in the category are just as bad, especially Kath & Kim. I would have nominated the Life and Times of TIM!

I have more issues, however, I will wait until REAL awards shows post their winners....expect another rant from me!


Maggie Cats said...

My Dad watches The Mentalist, does that count? I hear there are people who find the lead guy attractive, but I say, meh.

What awards were these, the People's Choice? Just goes to show how dumb people are.

dobber said...

Yeah I just heard Op & Ant complaining about them. At any rate, all awards shows are equally bad, especially the Oscars. They're garbage.

Monkey Sri said...

In re: House and Heroes ... word. About The Mentalist, I tried to watch it ... and failed. I need to blog about Kath&Kim - when good comedians go bad.