Monday, January 26, 2009

The Return of Big Love

For all of you polygamy and HBO fans out there, Big Love has returned to Sunday nights. I didn't post about it last week because I wanted to let the new season "soak in" first. To b honest, I am enjoying this season. For those of you who don't regularly tune into the show its about a family of polygamists dealing in an anti-polygamy world. It shows the external and internal struggles the family has with coping with their lifestyle choices and life in general.

This season has 3 distinct changes to the plot line. First is the courtship of a possible new wife (making 4 wives). Anna, our new eastern European character is considering joining the clan. I have a feeling it won't work out, but who knows. I like how the possibility of a new wife is showing a shift in the power in the family dynamic. Its clear Margie (the third wife) is pushing Anna on them so she climbs out of the bottom spot.

The second plot line is more younger characters. I assume in an effort to mix up the cast and get younger viewers the producers have added several more "young people" to the show. One being Bill's younger brother Franky...I guess we will see how it works out and how it effects ratings.

The third is less a plot line and more an observation, Bill Paxton looks HORRID. Bill Paxton, our lead male, has clearly come down with some sort of disease because he is wasting away in a very unhealthy way and I fear there are issues like cancer we will eventually hear about. I hope he gets well soon because if he loses more weight he will disappear.

If you are anti monogamy or just a big fan of non-network shows, I suggest catching Big Love on Sunday evenings at 9. Don't worry it doesn't cross over with the Simpsons or Brothers & Sisters.


dobber said...

I'm not really a fan of big love, it's never really appealed to me but this season so far does seem more compelling

Maggie Cats said...

I've watched all the previous seasons on DVD (no HBO, boo), so I can't wait for this one to finish up and be released. Thanks for the spoiler-free report!

Bill Paxton has never been a looker IMO.