Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seeing Double

I cannot be the only person who has noticed this.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural) and Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men, Vicky Cristina Barcelona) look exactly alike.

I think they might be the same person.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Can you even tell which is which?

Ok, I'll just tell you, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Exhibit B. So far, the only thing I can find is that Javier has a longer nose and is more tan.
And this all started because I was thinking about making him the Secret Boyfriend of the Week and then wasn't sure if the pictures that were coming up on google images were actually him. In fact, I found pics of Javier while searching for Jeffrey, so clearly I am not alone in this confusion.
And just for the record, I know the "Izzie screwing dead Denny" plot on Grey's has not been popular, but I don't watch the show, and just find him hot. So my almost him making Secret Boyfriend of the Week should in no way been seen as supporting whatever necrophilia/brain tumor hallucinations/some other terminal disease cliche plot Shonda Rhimes is working here.

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