Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's Do the TIme Warp Again (Lost Season 5 Premiere)

Umm. What?

Seriously. I mean, it was awesome. Totally awesome. But also confusing. But in an awesome way. You dig?

Since there is no way I arrange my thoughts in an organized fashion, I’m just going to bullet point it.

It's just a jump to the left….

--So we are following two main storylines now. The Oceanic 6, who made it off the island in the season finale last year, are all beginning to come together to make their way back. And three years in their past (or what has been the present and main storyline during the previous run of the show) we’re seeing the people who were left behind on the island. Ok, I think I got that.

--Daniel seems to be saying, and the show implying, that it’s not the island that moved it’s the people on the island. Which ok, fine. But then why did the island actually disappear? And are only some of the people skipping through time?

--I loved all the cameos the show threw at us. Anna-Lucia, Ethan, the dessicated corpse of Mr. Eko’s brother (Yemi?), the Dharma initiation video guy, the Irish Lady whom I believe is called Mrs. Hawking. All these were awesome!

--Speaking of Mrs. Hawking, I vaguely remember popping up in previous episodes (when Desmond was hopping through time? Or when Charlie was? This is why I need the previous season’s DVDs), but she seems to be involved in some kind of quest to find the island as well. And is ordering Ben around! I think she’s Daniel’s mother.

And then a step to the right….

--Michael Emerson never fails to amaze me. I really hope he gets recognized with an award for his portrayal of Ben some day. His range and the way he can manipulate not only the characters on the show but also the viewer (one minute you hate him, the next you feel sorry for him) is astounding.

--Funniest moment? Hurley hurling the hot-pocket at Ben. I kinda feel I would have the same reaction if he appeared in my kitchen.

--Neil getting the flaming arrow was predictable, and yet, I still enjoyed it. If they want to introduce new Lostaways just to kill them off in the same episode, I can deal with that. Also, Neil was the Aaron-Burr-peanut-butter-guy from the first “Got Milk?” commercial!

With your hands on your hips….

--Kate is seriously the worst fugitive ever. She drives around in her same car (which could be easily tracked, followed, or noticed) and uses her cellphone (again, easily tracked). Ugh. I really do not like her, they should seriously kill her off. And I’m sorry, I just don’t buy the whole “she’s the only person I care about because I looooove her” thing Sawyer has going on. Did I mention I still hate him? I can never forgive the frog squishing or the making fun of Hurley.

--Desmond! And Penny! <3>

--I love badass Sun. Making Kate cry…staring down Charles Widmore…all these things make me like her even more. If Ben is scared of anyone, it should be her.

You bring your knees in tight….

--Were the flaming arrow guys the original Dharma employees that we saw uncovering the frozen donkey wheel in the beginning and with whom Ben lived as a child? They had guns though so the flaming arrows thing seems needlessly dramatic and weird. I feel like it would have been completely rad if the show had actually allowed Juliet’s hand to be cut off.

--I wish Hurley would start to make his own decisions. The only reason he ran out of the house and let himself be arrested is because Sayid told him to do the opposite of whatever Ben said. Hurley just seems to bounce back and forth between people telling him what to do and allowing himself to be used for their own purposes, and it makes me mad.

But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane….

--I still want to know what is up with that three-toed statue we saw several seasons ago.

--I love the new format of no more character-specific flashbacks or flash-forwards. Just get on with the plot!

--Who is Jacob? Locke? Jack’s Dad? And where’s Claire? Is she dead? How come only the Losties seem to be the ones jumping around in time on the island?

Ok, I’m ready for next week, Lost. Bring it!

Let's do the Time Warp again!

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