Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Secret Boyfriend of the Week: Ben Bailey

While winter hiatus is often difficult, (waiting for my favorite shows to air new episodes is such a drag) it does give me the chance to catch up with television programs that often get shoved to the side in favor of more flashy prime time offerings.

One such show is Discovery Channel's Cash Cab. In case you've never seen it, Wikipedia describes it as a reality game show where passengers in a specially designated taxi cab are offered the chance to win money by correctly answering a series of trivia questions on the way to their destination. Wikipedia also provides a helpful link for "taxi cab" in case you are a complete idiot who has internet access but does not know anything about taxi cabs. *eye roll*

In any event, the man who keeps the Cash Cab going (literally) is comedian Ben Bailey. He's cute, he's funny, and most importantly, he can multi-task the shit out of anything.

Think about it. He has to navigate a cab through Manhattan traffic, and at the same time host a game show. He drives the cab while receiving trivia questions from producers through an ear piece, asks contestants the questions, and then cracks wise about their responses. But in a polite way, of course. He's a nice guy.

And if he can do all that with a cab imagine what he can do....no, let's not go there.

Anyway, congrats, Ben Bailey! This Secret Boyfriend of the Week goes out to you!

And look at those arms! Rowr.

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Caroline said...

Cash Cab FTW!! I never know when this is airing, but i always enjoy it when i catch it. They need a DC version stat.