Thursday, January 22, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to the weekend...

Friday night became one of the best nights on television.

I’m not sure how it happened. But for some reason, the universe has aligned to make Friday, the tv-network executive much maligned Friday, the place to be for drama.

First, Sci-Fi started new episodes of Battlestar Gallactica after making fans wait months for the second half of season 4. Then, NBC started airing “new” episodes of Friday Night Lights (even though they have previously aired on DirectTV, but hey, I haven’t seen them, so woot!). And in February, we can look forward to FOX moving Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Joss Whedon’s new drama, Dollhouse, to Friday nights.

So basically, that means sitting in front of your television on Friday night will be the cool place to be. Hurray! Now we all have excuses for not going out. “No, you don’t understand,” we’ll say. “I thought about going out to dinner at that awesome new restaurant and hitting up the VIP room at the club downtown, but everyone knows it’s cooler to find out if the Dillon Panthers are going to make it to States again this year!”

Or I could be deluding myself and none of these shows will do well and will all be unceremoniously cancelled in less than a month. Actually, we already know BSG isn’t coming back so: :o(

And now for some brief thoughts on the BSG and FNL premieres (spoilers!):

BSG: Well, that was bleak. I mean, I knew this show was dark, but Jeebus. Dee blowing her head off after seeming to be genuinely happy, the President burning the pages of the prophecies that had once brought everyone so much hope, the Admiral threatening to blow HIS head off, and everyone just moping around contemplating the futility of life. As for the reveal of the final Cyclon….Ellen? Woah. But now I’m confused, because I thought Starbuck finding her own dead self still in her Viper must have meant she was a Cylon, but apparently not? Unless there is another super secret final Cylon? Anyway, when even Leoben thinks this shit is crazy, you know you are in trouble.

FNL: Hurray! Oh, dear god I love this show. People who don’t watch it are seriously missing out, because it is one of the best shows not just now, but EVER. I watch the interactions of Julie with Coach and Tami, and I just think, “I have had that fight. I have said that exact same thing to my Mother. I have reacted in precisely the same way.” This show is so realistic it is almost scary. Tyra not taking anyone telling her she can’t go to college, Smash pushing himself to get past his injury, and Tami stepping up to the challenges of being principal starting with telling Buddy Garrity to shove his jumbotron, LOVE. As for Lila and Tim, meh. I know some people think Tim walks on water because he’s so hot, but the boy needs to wash his hear and he never really did it for me. So, I say again, meh. Also, watch out Matt! That new quarterback, J.D. is gunning for your position and you need to step it up.

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