Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey, guess what has two thumbs and still gives a crap?

Bob Kelso Monkey Sri! I think we've met.

Sorry for the blog silence! Real life is always getting in the way, you know? Anyhoo, word on the street has is that everyone's favorite Doctor Drama is moving to ABC. Scrubs has been in syndication for so long, it won't be too weird to watch it on another station (see also: Comedy Central, Fox, TV Land and WGN America). You know what is weird?

1. JD's facial hair in the new season. A literal beard to replace is figurative beard, Baby Mama and Mary Sue extraordinaire Dr. Kim Briggs? You're not fooling anyone, guy.

JD loves his Chocolate Bear.

2. Elliot doing underwear commercials. Though Sarah Chalke does bring a certain comedic je ne sais quoi to picking a wedge. Observe:

3. Pur water filtration systems ... a la JD. Zach Braff is lending his power of voice over to Pur for their latest ad campaign. What's up, Braff? Have you been burning your money?

Maybe I'm been too harsh. Maybe he just loves water.

But even with sell-out stars and questionable personal grooming, Scrubs remains one of the most enjoyable things on television. So you know I'll be making the transition to Tuesday at 9pm (we get hour-long double eps for a couple of weeks before switching to half an hour starting a 9:30) on - say it with me now - ABC.

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Jeff said...

I too am excited about the return of wackiness. Although more than a little peeved at NBC for preventing some Scrubs alums for appearing in the penultimate episode. Thankfully this will not conflict with another medical guilty pleasure - of a completely different sort - House.