Saturday, December 13, 2008

What happened to my DVDs?

So in May I moved to VA with my wife. And one of the perks for us was being close to her family. One of the perks of the family was my DVD collection. While in college people constantly raided my VHS movie collection, well, now it's movies and TV shows. Having arrived I found Veronica Mars, West Wing and others constantly being raided. Then in Sept my sis-in-law took off for Boston and somehow some DVDs disappeared, including Sports Night.

I feel in love with that show during its second and last season, and was thrilled first when it reran in its entirety on Comedy Central and later when it came out on DVD. Recently I noticed they released a new version, the 10th Anniversary DVD with commentaries, special features, and interviews. I'm not sure why, but I soon forgot all about the show. But then two weeks ago I started really wanting to watch it. Don't get me wrong, when I want an Aaron Sorkin fix West Wing is my choice but I was a little burnt out on the the political angle and I wanted to relax in the embrace of wit, charm and a never-ending parade of words that characterized Sorkin's first real TV show. And what's not to love about Krause before Six Feet Under and Huffman before Desperate Housewives and Charles before In Treatment and Malina before West Wing? But of course, I could not watch this behind-the-scenes show because my DVDs were gone. So I settled for Studio Sixty.

I don't mean to denegrate Studio Sixty because when the show was on I loved it. And I could never understand why the critics were so critical of it. Sure it premiered around the same time as 30 Rock and I freely admit the sketch portions of the Studio were never as funny as but the show was never the show. It was about the people behind the show. And being aware as I am of the inside-baseball I knew that Danny and Matt were stand-ins for Tommy Schlamme and Sorkin I sometimes found the shows a little too apologetic. But it was good. It was funny. At least it's on DVD, but it makes me miss Sports Night even more.

I only hope that for Christmas instead of getting my old DVDs back I have something new to check out. And maybe wish that when Sorkin stated recently that he would snatch up Krause and Huffman for another season that it might actually happen. Well, TV can make us all dream.


Maggie Cats said...

This show has been on my list to watch forever. But I think I'll make a New Years resolution to actually do it! I've heard so many good things about it.

Jeff said...

I'd let you borrow my copy... oh wait!