Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Best/Worst Show You Aren't Watching

Sunday on HBO has become a dumping ground for the WEIRDEST and most entertaining shows. I previously blogged about the Life and Times of Tim that was on HBO (though the season has ended). HBO is currently showing Summer Heights High our newest import from New Zealand. This show perplexes the mind.

It is about a high school and the central story revolves around three characters: Ja'mie (not Jamie), Jonah and Mr. G. Ja'mie is my favorite character, she is a Junior in High School and is a complete stuck up snob. Last weeks episode she pretended to be a lesbian so she is the center of attention. Jonah is a freshman who is a "poly." Apparently that's a normal way to refer to a polynesian boy. Finally, Mr. G is an over the top drama school teacher. The quirk is all three characters are played by Chris Lilley, a 34 year old Comedian originally from Sydney. Lilley is also the write and director of the show.

The show is weird, but INCREDIBLY addictive. Overall it is a comedy and I really enjoy it. Keep in mind it isn't deep. You will not be moved or learn anything, however, I enjoy Lilley's commentary on these age groups and characters.

Check it out 11pm on HBO.

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Maggie Cats said...

Oh, if only I had HBO....seriously, I might want to think about subscribing next year. I feel like I am missing out!