Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Boston Legal: Breaking Down Walls

Last night, ABC surprised us with a rather entertaining episode of Boston Legal. I will admit that Boston Legal is not one of my shows. Its one of my husbands rare shows. However, I was thoroughly entertained by last night's episode. Boston Legal not only mocked the ABC but Television as a whole.

A section of last night's show included an elderly woman (played by DARLING Betty White) suing the network broadcasting companies for not providing entertainment for people of 50. Though to quote my lawyer husband the "lawsuit was Ridiculous" the premise wasn't. I may only be 26, but ever so slowly the shows I can tolerate are lessening in numbers. Reality and brainless television are winning the ratings wars and shows with genuine plot and witty banter are falling by the wayside.
The episode of Boston Legal last night came out and said the only show with a prominent cast over fifty was "Boston Legal." Though to more accurately quote David Arquette he said "B...well that would be breaking down the wall." His, well the character's but you get the drift, argument continued to state that the over 50s make up half of the retail market and half of the television watching community. So where are the shows for the Blue Hairs? There hasn't been a REAL show about people over 50 since Golden Girls (which I have several friends who remain devoted fans, thought they are in their late 20s and gay, beside the point). Where are the shows about growing older? I feel today, at 26, I am older than most of the characters on television.

Boston Legal continued to poke fun at ABC by stating that "we don't get any advertising." Which when I thought about it...is true.

Try to catch last night's episode on ABC.com It will make you think!


dobber said...

But why watch a bunch of geriatrics hobble around when it is so much more interesting to watch who can be molded into the next american pop star, who can answer trivia questions better than a fifth grader that is given the answers to non-5th grade questions, or a competition to see who a washed up pseudo-celebrity wants to sleep with or become friends with?

N said...

I pretty much stopped watching Boston Legal when the series shifted from being funny with an occasional serious message to being crusadingly serious with funny bits thrown in randomly.

But I might just go watch last night's episode.

Caroline said...

Golden Girls FTW!!

Seriously, they don't make 'em like that anymore.

Phil said...

Reality shows are eating up the air-waves because old people ARE watching them.
My in-laws, and my parents, and grandparents all watch those shows.
There are some gems out there like Burn Notice, Chuck, Lost, Pushing Daisies -- but those kinds of shows don't have enough people watch them to get them on network tv.

dobber said...

Aren't Lost, Pushing Daisies (RIP), and Chuck all on network tv?

Joe said...

Really, a show complaining that Baby Boomers can't get any pop culture love? Baby Boomers?

Seriously, folks, TV shows have never regularly focused on people over 50. There are exceptions here and there, but they are just that...exceptions. Boomers are only complaining now b/c, well, they're old. Pop culture always has revolved around a younger demographic.

Besides if there were actually a giant pent-up demand for shows featuring people over 50, they'd probably be on the air. Instead, the only one around just ended.

Perhaps it has to do with old people all being asleep by prime time?