Sunday, November 30, 2008

Distraction TV

As the holidays creep inevitably closer, the amount of work around the house seems to get exponentially higher. Decorating, baking, cleaning, wrapping gifts; all these things need to get done, and like most people, I have my go-to shows for just such occasions.

You know what I mean, something that will keep you entertained, but that you can keep one (or both) eyes off the television and still know what is going on. The obvious choice is something you have seen a million times, like your favorite Buffy episodes, reruns of a sitcom, etc. But when the DVR is stacked up above 80% and you just need to get it cleared, these are the shows I have found do not require 100% of your attention.

Law and Order (SVU): I have a strong preference for SVU, but any of the Law and Orders will do. The acting isn't really subtle, you can pretty much understand what is going on by just listening, and there aren't any real exciting fight scenes or anything you need to run into the room to see. Actually, the same thing applies to the CSIs. And then you don't have to actually see the gratuitous gore and violence against women.

How I Met Your Mother: Maybe it's because a lot of the humor from this show comes from the zingers, but I don't need to give it my full attention.

Fringe: This is a show that I probably should be watching closely (it is J.J. Abrams after all), but I just can't being myself to do it. In fact, I usually end up emailing, playing online bridge, etc. while it's on. I get the gist...the Dad acts crazy, Pacey is adorable, Olivia is robotic, yadda yadda. I do like trying to spot the weird bald guy though. But still, I tend to wander around the house when Fringe is on.

Any awesomely bad Sci-Fi Channel movie. The parts you watch = awesomely bad. The parts you don't watch = awesomely bad. It's a win win!

So, what shows do you all put on when you need to get some chores done! Comment away!

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Monkey Sri said...

First of all ... me, do chores? Surely you jest! But as I said before, Starter Wife would be my distraction TV. Also, reality shows on Bravo, VH-1 specials, and anything on the Hallmark channel.