Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bromance is the new Black

So a few weeks ago I was watching House (a show I admit, once upon a time was huge turn off to me because he is such a jerk). For all of you following the show (which should be everyone because Hugh Laurie is phenomenal), the House-Wilson friendship took a HUGE hit last season and there was no reason to see that changing in the nearby future. And then House's dad died, and the ensuing trip to the funeral sparked a friendassance (thank you Joey and Phoebe for that word!). While great for the show, what struck me was the publicity the show got and how suddenly I was seeing the word bromance everywhere. Now House is certainly not unique in this regard with two male leads who act and at times are a de facto married couple. But bromance seems to be on the rise in shows, and many shows are embracing this fact.

Perhaps one of the more popular examples in recent history has been Joey and Chandler. I mean, who really would argue that Monica knew Chandler better than Joey. Certainly not me. Since Friends went off the air I can think of only two good examples, other than House and Wilson (although I'm sure there are more out there and I encourage any and all of you to provide some additional examples): Alas Shore and Denny Crane in Boston Legal ('nuff said) and my personal favorit JD and Turk in Scrubs (I've been missing this show so much I've started watching it on DVD; I'm only up to season 4). And I would argue that the JD-Turk bromance is the ultimate example in modern TV. Season 4 begins with this chasing each other all over the hospital as Turk returns from his honeymoon. Carla speaks to their daughter, describing JD as the man who will compete for her father's love and let us not forget the season 6 musical episode where they express their "Guy Love."

Bromance is in the air. But what about 'womance'?


Maggie Cats said...

Me and Selvi are the ultimate womance. Hee.

Monkey Sri said...

YES! Maggie/Selvi = OTP!