Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Behind

Maybe I was naive. Or more likely, just plain dumb. But for some reason I thought that going out of town for 3 weeks in September during fall-launch season and for a week in November during sweeps would not impact my tv-viewing too much. I would just catch up on what I missed, right?


Here we are, the middle of November and my DVR remains at 85% capacity. Some shows have already been sacrificed to the alter of time management (see you in reruns, Numb3rs!), and some have just been languishing on the DVR back-burner (Crusoe and Stylista, I'm sorry!), but in any event, I am behind. Way behind.

Times like these really highlight your priorities. I thought I was tired of Heroes, and yet I have managed to stay up to date. And while I thought I loved Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles I find myself avoiding the most recent episode. Same with Chuck. I'll get around to it eventually....but I don't seem in too much of a rush.

Anyway, I'm back to my normal schedule now and I promise many excellent tv-related blog posts this week including some notes on the election night coverage and the new fantasy series Legend of the Seeker from Hercules and Xena creator (and Spiderman director), Sam Raimi.

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Whitney said...

trash heroes! watch chuck! Chuck has been good and heroes...not so much. I find getting caught up while cooking/eating dinner keeps me on top of things.....that and getting sick over the weekend. I caught up on the entire season of Ugly Betty while eating soup and praying I would feel better.