Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crossovers of quirky fantasy shows make me want to say "squee!"

Pushing Daisies. Wonderfalls. Both whimsical, fantasy-based television shows that have struggled to find an audience but have been embraced fully by a small percentage of television viewers. And now fans of both are getting a treat!


Mary Ann Marie Bettle, played by Beth Grant in the Wonderfalls episode, Muffin Buffalo, will appear as a character on Pushing Daisies. Beth Grant is a total, "hey, it's that girl!" so I'm sure you've seen her around, but having a shout-out to Bryan Fuller and Lee Pace's other fun, albeit short-lived series, will be neat.

Plus think of all the wacky trouble she can cause around the Pie Hole with her muffins!

This show is seriously conspiring to ruin my "get healthy" campaign. Why all the baked goods, show? Friends are supposed to help each other out, not tempt!

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