Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Life and Times of Tim

The time slot after Entourage has been the BLACK PIT of time slots for the past five years. Looking back, I have given every show in the slot a solid chance. If you recall, Lisa Kudrow's show"The Comeback" lived there in 2005. Though it was mildly entertaining there was no lasting power. In 2007, we were graced with "Lucky Louie", which had a following but not enough to remain in the slot. Too many folks felt the blue collar/ poverty stricken cast were merely crass and not funny. This year HBO gives us "The Life and Times of Tim."First of all, I have seen little to no advertisement for this show HBO is airing. I have only caught it at random times while watching TV in bed, however, I truly enjoy this show. Unlike this season of Entourage, I actually hear myself laughing out loud. This show is Dilbert meets the dry humor reminiscent of Paul Rudd. The basic premise is that "Tim" works in an everyday office and has the everyday girlfriends and he gets put in the these random yet entertaining and plausible situations. Though the plot lines are not stimulating at all the one liners that come out of the show make it worth it. Last night I found myself laughing about one line in the show for over an hour.Now, no, I do not think this show will last. Especially since Entourage itself is spiralling into oblivion, however, if nothing else is on, give "The Life and Times of Tim" a try.

Its on at 10:30 on Sunday evenings on HBO.


Maggie Cats said...

I actually saw a series of Tim shorts when I attended an animation festival last year, and I am so psyched that it has been made into a show!

Now if only I had HBO...TIVO that shit, Whit!

Monkey Sri said...

You went to an animation festival? WITHOUT ME?!?


Maggie Cats said...

It was called a festival, but it was really like catching a movie at the theater. They packaged all these animated shorts together and showed them at the E Street Cinema downtown. So it's not like I really went anywhere. Although I did have to take the metro. On the weekend! Which can take forever.