Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lost Linkage

For some reason, there are some good chats out there about Lost today. Check this one out, from E!, an interview with Michael Emerson who plays my creepy secret boyfriend, Benjamin Linus. The show has been so on this season, but he continues to blow my mind (ew, not like that) each week with his portrayal of Ben. And if last week's episode didn't have "Emmey reel" written all over it, then I'm not Maggiecats.

Here is the transcript to the weekly Lost hour online chat hosted by the Washington Post crew. Liz and Jen pick up on a lot of the little details that I miss, and just help me figure out what the heck is going on.

Finally, hottie Henry Ian Cusick was also online for The Post taking fan questions. While most of his answers veer in the disappointing provide-no-real-answer "thanks for writing me!" vein, the "Ian, exactly how many more buttons on that blue shirt does Des expect to lose during all these adventures?" question cracked me up. The amount of chest he's showing is getting a tad ridiculous. Not that I mind.

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