Friday, April 11, 2008

A few thoughts on The Office

Ok, so The Office came back last night. I was really looking forward to its return, but to my dismay, we only spent about 2 minutes in the actual office. Instead, the episode took place in Michael and Jan's condo where they had a couples-only dinner party.

And explored the limits of the word awkward.

Seriously. I had to watch most of the episode from behind my fingers, as the on-screen situations because so uncomfortable that I really think it reached epic proportions. Watching the dissolution of Michael and Jan's relationship was just...painful. Almost too painful. The Office has always excelled at mixing those uncomfortable situations with humor, and while last night's episode was funny (especially the Hunter shout-out), I can't help but feel...almost dirty after watching it. It was more like watching two real people completely coming apart at the seams than it was watching a tv comedy. And put alongside the last new episode from before the strike ("The Deposition), we are clearly at a dark place in The Office's timeline.

And it seemed rather out of character for Jim to almost ditch Pam at the party, no? I was surprised he would be that selfish.

Hopefully the coming weeks we'll see more of a light-hearted The Office. Because I shouldn't feel depressed after watching this show, right? Although Ricky Gervais might disagree. Especially about this whole spin-off idea. That is probably cause for depression.

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Caroline said...

DUDE. I have never cringed so much in so short a time span in my life. I know i watch most things through my fingers, but that episode was just ... beyond.

On a brighter note, PAM&JIM4EVAOMG!!1!