Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Frankie Says, "Relax."

The first sign that you might be taking your reality show obsession a smidge too seriously? When you STAB someone for talking during the show. And not just any show, but Top Model no less.

Yeah, I'm not making this up.

The scariest part? "The suspect was still at large early Thursday evening."

AHHH! There is a roving Top Model fanatic with a knife at large! What if she kicks down my door and stabs me for laughing too loudly at what Tyra is wearing at panel? Hey, it could happen.

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Monkey Sri said...

Okay, so this was obviously a Top Model party gone horribly awry ... but I repeat myself. Seriously, where did these 'witnesses' go after the hostess brutally stabbed one of the guests? Why didn't one of the other guests call the cops? Clearly, they didn't want to leave before the show was over, but one of them could've at least hit 9-1-1 during a commercial break. Poor form, ladies. Poor form.