Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ted Mosby is a Jerk

*This post was originally written about a week ago, and for some reason got lost in the ether. But it's still true. And Neil Patrick Harris is a genius.

How I Met Your Mother
has been on a role lately. The show has been consistently funny since it aired, and basically reinvented Neil Patrick Harris (although Harold and Kumar didn't hurt), but this Monday's episode really hit it out of the park. Barney (NPH) created his own March Madness bracket to discover which woman he had screwed over the most in an attempt to uncover who was stalking him and warning his potential one night stands that he was a total asshat.

As part of his quest, Barney revisited a certain lovely woman he had told he was "Ted Mosby...the architect." Ted, is of course, the narrator of the show and Barney's best friend. While yelling at Barney, the woman mentioned that she had, of course, created a website at Because this show is so awesome, that website actually exists. It also contains a 20 minute theme song that is a must-hear.

But the best part of the episode was the tag at the end during the credits. As the camera pans across a bedroom wall, familiar computerized plinking musical notes begin. The opening credits of Doogie Howser,M.D. And there we find Barney sitting at his laptop, writing in his computer journal, with word perfect no less, just as his other tv persona, Doogie Howser, did at the end of every episode. The lesson Barney learned through his latest adventure was that he is awesome. But the lesson I learned is that this show is awesome. And the bump in ratings from the Britney guest star episode (which was also really really funny) means a fourth season is assured.

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