Thursday, May 01, 2008

Secret Boyfriend of the Week: Scott Patterson

After the news broke earlier this week that Aliens in America (one of the funniest, most touching, and let's be honest, real, shows out there) would most likely not be returning for a second season, my heart broke. And not just because I would miss the show. But because it meant not seeing this week's Secret Boyfriend, Scott Patterson, on my tv every Sunday.

Most commonly known for his role as Luke on Gilmore Girls, the scruffy diner-owner with a heart of gold and a thing for Lorelai, Scott Patterson has won over women (and probably a lot of dudes) for his accurate portrayal of the guy next door. Not the typically handsome, clean-cut, football-throwing, tv-land type of guy next door, but the REAL kind of guy next door. The kind who who only owns like three shirts, most likely washes his hair with plain old soap, and tells it like it is.

So, here's to you Scott Patterson. I can't wait to see what project you do next, and I only hope that it brings you into my home at least once a week, every week. That's what she said.

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