Friday, April 04, 2008

Well, color me surprised.

I was so confident going into last night's Make Me a Supermodel that Ronnie would win, that I didn't even watch the show. Also, when you get up before 6:00, staying until 11:00 at night to see Ronnie's inevitable victory seemed kind of pointless. Instead, I was watched the show as I got ready for work this morning.

And, whaaa? I mean, who, in the how, in the what? Holy crap, you guys! Ronnie didn't win!

Go Holly!

Ok, so let me explain. By the time this show was about half way through its run, I was rooting for Holly. It was clear to me that she was the best model of the bunch, and isn't that what the show should be about? Yeah, not exactly. All one had to do was peruse the Bravo TV website for the show, or read to see that the gay community had really embraced this show, especially Ronnie. And why not? Dude is hot and often awesome. There's a reason why so many men made it to the finale. Gay guys were watching this show and voting in large numbers. Only one person mentioned this at last week's reunion show (Dominic, I think?) and when the judges kept going on and on about why Ronnie was still on the show because he had really grown as a model blah blah blah, I couldn't help but snort. He's hot, yo. That's why he's still here.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Bravo made the show so America would vote for who they liked. And lots of people liked Ronnie. In my opinion, he is a great model and would have been a good choice for the win. I think Holly is the better model, but to each his own.

But in the end, Holly pulled through. I'm not exactly sure how...but I'm not going to wonder too much. Because it made me happy. She's fierce, y'all:

Just so you know, that's not her actual hair.

And here is my prediction. Holly will go on to have a long successful career as a model. She'll book campaigns and runway shows and work steadily. But I don't think anyone can deny that Ronnie is going to be the break-through star of this show. I'm not sure his fame will culminate in his being a "supermodel," although I am sure Ralph Lauren will be calling him soon, but I think Ronnie is going to become more a general celebrity, making personal appearances and the like. I would not be surprised to see him become some kind of spokesman in the future.

So, well done all! While some of the finalists occasionally engaged in various degrees of douchebaggery, by the end, I found myself liking them. Even Ben. Even though every word out of his mouth usually made me roll my eyes.

The only thing that really made me sad about Ronnie not winning, was what his Mom had said the night before. Something along the lines of, "I was always second best, but you are going to be number one." And then when he almost made it to the end, but not quite...sniff. Poor Ronnie's Mom! I think she was my favorite, they should make her a supermodel.

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