Monday, April 14, 2008

What to Watch: The Paper

I pretty much abandoned MTV about 3 years ago. While I was known to indulge in the occasional Sunday morning marathon of Made during law school (great way to get over a hangover), I don't watch The Hills, or The Real World, or Road Rules Ultimate Smackdown, or any of the other crappy shows and non-music videos they currently air. Is TRL even ON anymore?


There is a new show airing tonight on MTV at 10:30pm called The Paper. Basically, it's a reality show about a bunch of high-schoolers who work on an award-winning school newspaper. And if you think this sounds boring, then you have obviously never known any of those crazy, over-achieving, must-get-into-an-Ivy-League-college-or-I-will-die kind of high-schoolers. Because I think this show sounds AWESOME.

While my federal government firewall prevents me from offering a link to MTV homepage for the show, feel free to peruse these reviews from Newsday, Variety, and The New York Times.

Excerpt from NYT:
It’s funny to see a show on MTV whose drama stems in part from mayhem over page layouts. Even if very little of the actual practice of journalism is on view in “The Paper” — no 10th graders confronting county superintendents about proposed budget cuts — the series holds valuable life lessons for teenagers. A whole lot of working life involves talking about work, and the hard-driving loudmouth usually wins.
Oh, I cannot wait! Life lessons! Bitchy editors! Geeky high school students! Teenage breakdowns! This show will have it all.

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