Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KC lays down the smack

It all started a few weeks ago, when Ramin Setoodeh of Newsweek expressed the opinion that while straight actors can play gay characters, gay actors have trouble "playing it straight." Um... what? Kristin Chenoweth stood up for co-stars Sean Hayes and Jonathan Groff, both singled out int he article, in a pretty scathing rebuttal. For the short version, check out this article from E! Online. I think our friend Cheryl said it best (when she shared the link): "Way to go, Cheno!"


Whitney said...

I agree with Kristin's comments for the most part. She is right that it is homophobic to claim no one can play straight. And her examples of Cynthia Nixon and NPH are spot on.

However....Jonathan Groff...kinda agree. But I think I don't particular like his acting style rather than saying "he can't play straight." I think its better to say he is a great singer who is a "meh" actor in general...Don't jump on me glee fans...you know its true.

Monkey Sri said...

I think that's the point - I have no problem accepting Jonathan Groff playing a straight character. I don't particularly like the character, but whatever. It never even crossed my mind that Groff might be gay. I don't know what Mr. Setoodeh is talking about.