Thursday, May 27, 2010

The next American Idol is...meh.

American Idol crowned its ninth winner last night. But does anyone still care?

I know I don't.

I actually only watched the show during the first season (Kelly Clarkson woot!), but I at least followed the coverage of past seasons so I could be up on the current happs. But I couldn't even bring myself to put that much effort into it this year. With Simon heading out for greener X Factor pastures, I'm wondering if Idol's time is coming to an end. To be sure it's still the top rated show, but it doesn't seem to be having the culture impact as in years past. And with Simon gone and the talent pool seeming to be growing ever smaller, I think the end might be nigh. But this could be one of those instances where a tiny portion of the blogosphere declares something dead and it remains huge to the rest of Americans for years. It's just been off my radar for so long, I'm not sure what to think.

Are any of you guys still watching the show? If so, weigh in on what you think in the comments. And what's the deal with this Lee fellow? He seems cute, but I've never heard him sing and the folks over at Entertainment Weekly and Television Without Pity are not impressed.


Caroline said...

I watched all season and all i can say is MEEEEEEH. Lee's cute and all, and his growly rock voice is certainly current, but he sounds just exactly like any number of growly rockers out there now.

Also, with the exception of Christina Aguilera on last night's finale, the whole show (and, for that matter, the whole season) has been A Celebration of Songs Recorded Before Your Time. Like, the Bee Gees? Joe Cocker? Chicago?!

I am planning on watching The X Factor, but i doubt i'll be back for Idol next season. You can take away my Paula OR my Simon, but not both.

Cheryl said...

I actually got pretty into it this season and I usually don't. I'm like you, after my girl Kelly in Season 1, I just lost interest. But I wanted to see the new dynamic once Paula was gone and then I stayed for Crystal Bowersox. She's spectacular. I even voted for her over another Fort Worthian, Casey. She has a voice unlike anyone recording today that I can think of, which, I'm pretty sure, is why she lost.

Lee seems like a good enough guy. Adorable, really sweet, Midwestern, decent-if-conventional voice. There's nothing particularly wrong with him. Plus, he really wanted to win. Way more than Crystal. So, I guess I'm happy for him, but he isn't even near the same league as she's in. That's why people are upset. It's not about him winning so much as it is that she should not have lost.

I'm ashamed of myself for getting so into it, but she's just that good. All the Janis Joplin comparisons are completely justified. I really can't wait for her album to come out.

Priya said...
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Priya said...

My problem (aside from his eh singing abilities) is that his first single is going to be U2's beautiful day (which while not their best song) didn't sound all that great when he sang it on the show.

Maggie Cats said...

Cheryl, I've heard good things about Crystal. I'll be listening for her on the radio, and you'll have to let me know how her album is!

Priya: Beautiful Day? Really? I thought the winner recorded some original shmaltzy song as their first single? Don't get me wrong, I love love U2, but that just seems odd.

Rachel said...

I also thought it was way weird that Lee wasn't going to be releasing an original song. All of the idols before him have. I liked Crystal better than Lee, but she'll have a great career regardless now that she's been heard by the world.

This whole season was just ok for me, dawg. I'll probably watch next season, but who knows if I'll make it to the end.