Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Pumped for True Blood

Amidst the Vampire craze and desires to capitalize on the immortal undead, one show stands out as better than the rest. True Blood season three returns to HBO on June 13th at 9pm. According to the teaser releases this season should more closely follow the books (Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse books). Last season, the writers went on a complete tangent from the books, going on complete rants on subjects that were merely touched on in the books. However, this season will be the introduction of Alcide...who all the book fans are quite excited to meet.

However, to hold all us True Blood fans over HBO has posted mini episodes. Currently there are three videos online. The first revolves around new vamp Jessica and her homicidal mass killing spree. The second is an American Idol style audition sequence starring Eric and Pam. Finally, we see a fight between Sookie and Tara at Merlotte's. Check them out on you tube and start getting pumped for season three of True Blood!

My personal favorite is below:

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Maggie Cats said...

I've only read the first two books (to avoid any potential spoilers with the show), but I've come to find that I actually prefer the television series! I think it has more interesting ideas and gets more into the secondary and tertiary characters than the books. Also *spoiler alert* Lafeyette stays alive, so bonus!