Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glee Gets Its Voice Back...

We all recall that I slammed the awfulness of the season return of Glee. In fact I have been INCREDIBLY critical of this season. The songs have been forced on the plot, the plot has been rushed and it didn't feel like the same show that rocketed it to fame. Last night, I felt the return of the old Glee. For once, there wasn't a "theme" to all the songs and the plot didn't give me whip lash.

SPOILER ALERTS! Last nights Glee focused on Rachel losing her voice (and might I add doing an awful yet appropriate version of a Miley Cyrus song..mimicking Miley herself :) ) and Puck losing his "mojo" and fauxhawk. The plots were simple and fun!

The highlight for me had to be Jessie's Girl...performed by Finn in reference to Rachel. You knew the minute the beat started why they named Jonathan Goff's character Jesse in the first place. I was rocking out to Glee again (and Rick Springfield). And in a shocking move, there were back to back musical numbers with Puck AWESOME dancing and rendition of the Lady is a Tramp following up Finn. I was overly impressed with his singing and dancing.

Kurt fans also got there fill of a Kurt subplot. Once again, Kurt feels slighted by his dad. I love Mike OMalley in this part....Does he have it? GUTS! (Ok, I have made that joke like thirty times but it still makes me laugh). The plot ended with a good rendition of Rose's Turn from Gypsy. (Shout out to Sydney and cows!) This was hands down Kurt's best performance this season (Defying Gravity last season was his best)and his vocal range always amazes me. Ascot aside, Kurt's number reminded me of old Glee.

The episode ended with a parallel being drawn to losing your singing voice and quadriplegia..which was off and slightly offensive, but with a nice performance of U2's one.

I am back on board the glee train. Next week's NPH and Joss Whedon episode should be the highlight of the season...the clip of NPH singing Aerosmith's Dream On....uggh..countdown until next week.

What did you think?


Maggie Cats said...

Loved it! And Jesse's Girl rocked so hard. I had this big, "of course" moment as soon as it started, it never even occurred to me they would use that song but it made so much sense I felt like a dunce. So many good Glee episodes in a row!

Bring on the Joss and NPH!

Jenna said...

I agree it was much better. But really? Jesse's Girl? It was done well, but it earned a lot of eye rolling from us.

C. Slate said...

I was happy with it. The last few episodes left me a I cried when Kurt sang his piece at the end. Complete tears.