Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog!

They said it wouldn't last. Ok, nobody really said that, but guess what you guys?

Our little blog is officially 4 years old!

It seems like just yesterday Caroline and I were looking for a way to get our tv related thoughts out there and we came up with the idea for TV Sluts. I don't actually remember whose idea it was, but it went something like:

Person 1: We should totally have a tv blog.
Person 2: Let's do it.

And *POOF* a blog is born.

All us TV Sluts are still coming up with an appropriate way to celebrate (feel free to leave suggestions below), but take a look back at our first month of posts here to relive the old times. The end of West Wing, the beginning of our Doctor Who obsession, comments on the state of Lost (then in it's what, only second season?), it's all there folks. So enjoy, and thanks for sticking with us for four years. It's been a helluva ride!

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J.Sahn said...

hahahaha cool blog u got here
hey can u check out mine too?
its pretty cool, check it out !! ^^ lol