Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This seems kinda familiar...

Here we are again, gentle readers. Another day, another snowstorm. While I was able to escape the first storm this month by fleeing north to Atlantic City (who flees north to escape snow?), I got back in plenty of time for round two and am now firmly dug in to my condo to wait out the blizzard-like weather.

And as before, I have spent my time sitting on the ass watching tv or reading, but mostly watching tv. A little Lost, Human Target, Gilmore Girls, What Not to Wear, House, Chuck, and anything else languishing on my DVR is up for grabs.

While I have not succumbed to cabin fever yet, I can pretty much guarantee that the government will be closed tomorrow and day 3 of being trapped inside could be the breaking point. But as long as the cable works, I should be able to stave off the worst of the effects. And there is always the car waiting to be shoveled out. Sigh. Have car, will shovel.

Anyone found a more exciting way to spend the snowpocalypse?

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