Sunday, February 28, 2010

Closing thoughts on the 2010 Winter Olympics

Tonight (actually, right now) the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics are taking place. And HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS CANADA WON HOCKEY GOLD.

Sorry, for the all caps, but seriously, how awesome is that? I mean, I know that I should have been rooting for the US to take it, but silver is nothing to scoff at and it's such a great end of the story for the host country. And y'all know this isn't the first time I was rooting for Canada.

I think NBC's closing ceremonies might be my favorite part of the whole shibang. Not only are they showing the actual ceremony, but highlights and stories from throughout the entire Olympiad. So for someone like me who only had the time (and really desire) to watch the figure skating coverage, it provides the chance to see all the other incredible moments that I missed. And I don't have to wade through hours of aerial jumps, cross-country skiing, or half-pipe snowboarding. Or the endless commercials. Dear god, the commercials.

But with all this Olympic coverage, no matter how awesome it may be, the one burning question in my mind has not been answered.

Why are the medals this year so fugly? I mean, damn.


Whitney said...

we were talking about that last night...they are fugly!

Monkey Sri said...

For serious!