Monday, February 22, 2010

Sophie's Choice

If you haven't been watching Make It Or Break It over on ABC Family, you've been missing out. Of course, you would probably only agree that you are missing out if you are a girl who once dreamed of becoming a gymnast. And enjoys stories of high school aged girls and the drama that follows them around.

Drama, like a love triangle!

You see, our young heroine, Emily, has found herself in the middle of a classic dilemma. She is trapped between two adorable boys and doesn't know which to choose! It's a standard plot of every television show, book, and movie aimed at a female teenage audience. And the reason why it's a standard plot is because it works. All you have to do is look at rabid fans arguing about Team Edward and Team Jacob to get an idea of how seriously people take this shit.

But let's come back to Emily. She's an independent smart girl, with a bit of an attitude. She might even be a little bit too independent since she's kind of the wild card at the gym. She's a great gymnast...when she can focus and listen to the her coach, but she's often inconsistent and then flies off the handle when she doesn't succeed. She's also seen her Mom date a near constant stream of losers who have abandoned them so she has definite trust issues.

There are two guys vying for Emily's affections. The situation is further complicated because the two guys are best friends. Awkward!

In this the red corner is Razor.

Pros: Lead singer of a band. Smart. Adorable. Goofy.

Cons: Terrible name. Bad hair. We're talking "Egon on the animated Ghostbusters" type of bad hair. Also possessive. He made his initial attraction to Emily clear, but then left town telling his best friend to "keep an eye on her." When he came back and found out they had begun dating, he was majorly pissed. It was like he had peed on her and marked her as his own or some macho crap.

And in the blue corner is Damon.

Pros: Lead guitarist of a band. Aspiring songwriter. Badboy vibe. Sexy. Pouty lips.
Cons: Whiny. Low self-esteem and needs constant reassurance of own self-worth. He also needs to grow a backbone; he has no problem playing the guitar and writing songs, but gets paralyzing stage fright if he has to sing in front of people. Seriously dude, just get yourself to a bar with karaoke and work it out. Also questionable loyalty. He made a move on his best friend's crush and then lied to Emily about his lack of success when he ran off to LA to "make a name for himself."

So there you have it. Neither guy is perfect. And they tend to fall into the classic good guy vs. rebel cliche. And yet...I'm hooked. There's just something about the love triangle that draws us in. Will Kate choose Jack or Sawyer? Is Guinevere a giant slut for sleeping with Lancelot when she's married to and also loves Arthur? Should Joey have ended up Dawson or Pacey? Who is right for Lorelai: Luke or Chris? Was Andi right to choose Blane over Duckie? Chances are you know who all these people are and have an opinion as to who was the "right" choice. And dare I say it...Edward or Jacob?

So who will Emily end up with? Tune in on Mondays at 9 pm on ABC Family to find out! And you get a bonus Kaylie/Carter/Lauren love triangle for good measure. Although that one is far less interesting because Carter kind of sucks.

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What about Team "Edward and Jacob"?

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