Thursday, February 11, 2010

Secret Boyfriend of the Week: I am Spartacus!

Look, I never said I wasn't shallow.

Look at the pretty!

I sat in at the Spartacus: Blood and Sand panel at Comic Con and was really looking forward to the show. And I believe I made it clear that the reason I was looking forward to it was the violence and nakedness. And on that front, it definitely delivers.

The show is basically a retread of 300 with more gratuitous sex and violence (if that's possible), and it's not going to win any awards for acting. Or writing. Or direction. Or anything, really, but you know what?

It has the pretty!

Now boys, don't fight over me.

I caught the pilot episode on Netflix which apparently has some special deal going with Starz, so you can find it there or by other, shall we say less legal means, if you wanted to look around. I would recommend it, but don't expect great art. I'll say it's fun and leave it at that. And Andy Whitfield (who plays Spartacus) is nothing to sneeze at. He has some scraggly looking hair in the first episode, but based on these pics, I would say it gets cut pretty soon and it definitely ups his stock. And those abs go a long way towards making up for any hair issues.

See? Shallow.

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