Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can they take my citizenship for this?

Like most Americans, I've been watching the Olympics. Unlike most Americans, I am very selective about what I watch. Specifically, I only watch figure skating. Apollo Ono is the most decorated winter Olympian ever? That's nice for him. US Curling team not doing so hot? Oh, well. Women's snowboard half pipe (or whatever) is on? Have fun with that!

Basically, I am only in it for the figure skating. I love it all: pairs, men's, women's, ice dancing...if it's on skates with toe picks I'm there*. The rest of my Olympic viewing consists of fast forwarding through all the other events in a valiant search to find the figure skating coverage. Because NBC ain't no fool, they know people want the figure skating so they allow tantalizing glimpses throughout the evening but make you wait until 11 o'clock through midnight for the good stuff. Thank god for DVR, because you know I can't stay up that late.

Last night was the conclusion of the ice dancing competition which has usually been my least favorite of all the figure skating events. But this year, things got more interesting. Maybe it's because the routines were better, or the costumes less crazy (although did you see those Russian aboriginal outfits?? Yikes.), but I was really into the ice dancing this year.

And I wasn't even rooting for the Americans. Actually, let me rephrase. I was of course rooting for the Americans. Davis and White were my top pics and I adored their Bollywood-inspired original dance so I was hoping for them to go all the way. But there was just something about the Canadian couple, Virtue and Moir, that had been cheering for them too. They were on their home ice, the crowd adored them, and they were both so darn attractive. Even though I didn't find their free skate as engaging as the Americans, I just wanted them to win. And they did!


So this morning, while putting on my coat to walk out the door to catch the bus, I saw the Canadians stand in the center of the medal podium, the judges put gold medals around their necks, and the crowd went crazy. And when the Canadian national anthem started playing...I got a little teary-eyed.

How can you not love them? Look how adorable they are!

Does this make me a bad American? I was still really happy we got the silver medal. As with most things in life, I think the appropriate response is just to blame Canada.


* Tooooooooooooooooooooe pick!

Addendum: I know there has been some kerfluffle about a few Canadian announcers making homophobic remarks against my secret boyfriend Johnny Weir, but they have apparently apologized and I refuse to let the nastiness of a few taint my view of a whole. Everyone knows Canadians are, with a few minor exceptions, some of the nicest people in the world. So we'll just move on and pretend this whole gross thing never happened.


Monkey Sri said...
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Monkey Sri said...

So, Dorothy Hammill talked to Johnny Weir about this after wards. I especially loved this quote...

Dororthy Hammill started by quoting the Canadian announcers: "They think all the boys that skate will end up like him'... What do you think of that?"

"Every little boy should be so lucky as to turn into me," Weir told Hamill. "And that's all I have to say about that."

Way to keep it classy, Johnny!

Maggie Cats said...

If I had a son as fabulous as him, and as accomplished an athlete, I could die happy. And probably have the best decorated house in town.