Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Glee Squee-cap: Michael Jackson

I adored last night's episode of Glee for several reasons - the main reason being that it is one of the few episodes that utilized almost the entire ensemble cast, and did it well. We didn't have to sit through Rachel's insane internal monologues and/or endless self-indulgent solos. The main plot was a feud between the New Directions and the Warblers (Blaine's old show choir at Dalton Academy). Blaine is caught in the crossfire of their turf war, and Kurt has to make the tough choice: petty vengeance or moral victory? We also find out that Kurt is selected as a finalist for NYADA, and the scene where he opens the letter with Burt was SO. FREAKING. CUTE.

Don't cry, because then I'll start- Oh, too late!

The assignment of the week was Michael Jackson, one of the most iconic - and controversial - pop idols of all time. Glee didn't feel the need to address MJ's lifestyle, or his death, and I agree with their decision. It's not this show's place to ruminate on the scandals, but to celebrate an amazing body of work. Artie fantasized about getting out of his wheelchair for an awesome dance to "Scream" with Mike, Sam and Mercedes got to duet-it-up with "Human Nature," and Quinn's rendition of "Never Can Say Goodbye" charmed me and her ex-boyfriends alike. I would've liked Santana to take more of a lead in her "Smooth Criminal" duet with bad boy Sebastian (leader of the Warblers). Admittedly, for me it's less about the music itself and more about letting the various characters shine.

 Also, I wouldn't mind seeing more of this hat.

Oh, and before I forget, Rachel and Finn are going to get married, or something. *yawn*

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