Monday, February 13, 2012

Warning: no spoilers, but shameless fangirling ahead.


Ok, maybe not, but I hope you will forgive me the hyperbole since the latest episode of Supernatural that I watched had me literally jumping up and down with glee. And I promise, no major plot spoilers here, only squeeing over casting.

I know a lot of you have checked out of Supernatural, and I am definitely guilty of letting some episodes pile up on my DVR. In fact, the episode I referring to (Time After Time) originally aired back in January and I am just getting to it now.

I can't judge anyone for giving up on the show; it's clearly gotten bogged down in the mythology involving the angels and demons the past few years. Remember when it was about a pair of brothers driving around the country fighting urban legends and looking for their Dad? Those are days are far behind us. But I have stuck with it and enjoyed even these later seasons, especially since they brought us Castiel and Crowley.

And oh boy, did I get a pay-off. It's like Supernatural's writers have been reading my diary! Because guess who co-starred on the episode I watched last night?


AKA, Logan from Veronica Mars

If you read this blog AT ALL, you know that Caroline and I are bit, ahem, obsessed with Jason Dohring. We have suffered through Moonlight and now Ringer all out of love for this guy, and here he turns up completely unexpectedly on Supernatural along with my other fangirl crush, Jensen Ackles. It's like Christmas! And my birthday! Combined in a beefy man sandwich!

And then, just when I didn't things could get any better...


Everyone's favorite morally questionable recurring guest-star of dubious loyalty. If you're an X-Files fan, you'll know who he is...but for those not in the know, this is Nicholas Lea who played the character Alex Krycek on The X-Files. So this episode of Supernatural was basically a big Valentine to me. Thanks, Supernatural!

Oh, and I think forgot to mention the hotness that was the 1940s style clothes.

Can I get these two wrapped up to go?

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

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