Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Are you ready for some PUPPY BOWL!

Apparently there was some kind of football game on Sunday night? Something about the Super Bowl? If you want to read about that, then I suggest that you scroll down to Clovis' coverage of what sounds like a less than spectacular game.

But we all REALLY know what the highlight of Superbowl Sunday is, right? PUPPY BOWL, BITCHES!
You've got puppies running around and being adorable, the kitty half-time show, the hamsters in their blimp providing camera coverage of the entire field, and this year the piggy pep squad along with Meep the bird who provided entertaining tweets throughout the game. In fact, I think Monkey Sri enjoyed the twitter feed more than the actual game.

While the Superbowl may have been a lame game, this year's Puppy Bowl might have had the most action of any bowl so far. There was a record number of touchdowns (when a toy is dragged or carried into the end zone) and it was a real contest to see who would take MVP. In the end there could only be one, and though he was outscored by the adorable Aberdeen, this year's MVP went to...

Fumble! A 9 week old Chihuahua/Terrier Mix who started things off with a bang by madly frolicking with the other puppies...although sometimes he got flagged for unnecessary ruffness. I think at one point he fell asleep and another dog stepped on his face. Payback's a bitch, Fumble...literally.

But the viewer's choice MVP (which also happened to my pick) was the Aberdeen, the high-scorer of the night!

 He's a 10 week old Australian Shepherd Mix and I thought he was the cutest puppy out there!

IMO the great thing about the Puppy Bowl is that it doesn't really require anything of you in terms of active viewing. It's puppies running around being adorable. The end. Sure they dress it up with hamsters and pigs and kittens and birds, but at the end of the day....puppies. Playing. That's it. If you want to write an email, chat with your friends, do some knitting during the game, no problem. You'll find yourself "awwwwing" in the middle of whatever you're doing though, so watch out.

My only complaint? It's gotten so commercial. It used to be about the game, you know? Not vacuum cleaners. Oh, and one more thing:

WHERE ARE THE BEAGLES, ANIMAL PLANET? Beagle fans demand satisfaction.


Clovis said...

given the frankly disappointing pace of the actual Super Bowl, I am completely prepared to believe that the Puppy Bowl was not only more exciting, but also better viewing. Even the Super Bowl commercials this year weren't very memorable. of the two of us, i think you watched the better game.

Maggie Cats said...

Next year, you are so invited to the Puppy Bowl party!