Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lost Girl Found

It seems like we here on the tv blog are constantly on a mission to fill what I like to call the Buffy void. You know what I mean: we need a show with a tough female lead with smart writing, sexual tension, and sidekicks. For a while there we had Veronica Mars and even The Nine Lives of Chloe King, but it seems that lately...nada. Unless I am missing something.

But wait! There is hope! A few weeks ago SyFy premiered a Canadian-import* drama, Lost Girl, that while not on the same level as Buffy (I mean, what is really?), it is certainly doing a good job of giving me my fix. Bonus--it has a supernatural theme and not one that has been done to death.

It's about the Fey. By which I mean faeries.Oh, and it also is quite sexy. The main character is a succubus after all.

She's hot, but hot enough to die for?

This isn't the type of show you need to think too hard about. The people are all good looking (but in a Canadian non-Hollywood way), there's lots of cool mythology surrounding the Fey and their culture, there's a sassy goth sidekick, and oh yeah, lots of sexy time.

Bo is a succubus. In what I thought was a nice departure from your standard teen-oriented show of this kind, she already has her powers when we meet her. In fact she kind of has an over-abundance of power. Bo draws strength from making sexy with people--most of the time unintentionally. Which means she tends to wake up the next morning to dead lovers.

Lost Girl is about how Bo not only discovers how to refine her power, but also about her heritage as a Fey. There's hints as to a dark past, her parents are not what she though, blah blah. Oh, and there is a super sexy were-changer wolf guy. Basically, the show is easy on the eyes and the brain, but it's not stupid. It's just a fun jaunt into a world you don't see a lot about on television.

And don't just take my word for it; Mo Ryan over at The Huffington Post pretty much raves about the show every chance she gets. 

Check out new episodes of Lost Girl on SyFy Monday nights at 10pm. You can also find videos of entire episodes on the website and SyFy is pretty much constantly showing reruns.

 This might be the real reason I like the show. When the main character is a succubus, the sexual tension is pretty much never unresolved. Yay!

*They have tv in Canada?

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