Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things I learned on my latest work trip...

Another day, another week-long work trip. This time to Reno, which is turning out to be kind of awesome and I really suggest that you come visit. Especially in the Spring.

But as with most travel, this one has led to a few life lessons:

1) Having a television in the bathroom is weird. I'm staying at one of the casinos here in Reno, and because of the government rate was able to snag a pretty swanky room (but swanky in the casino sense which means it is ridiculously gaudy). It has an HD tv in the main room...but also a smaller one in the bathroom which is just strange. Do people really need to watch television while brushing their teeth? What about when peeing? There's also a phone by the toilet which, ok you may be a high-powered business man, but do you REALLY need to conduct a business call while sitting on the john?

2) Supernatural is now part of TNT's "prime time in the day time" line-up airing from 7-8 am. Score!

3) I spent an entire afternoon watching Star Trek: The Next Generation reruns on SyFy on Monday. And this came days after having an impassioned discussion about the merits of the show with Selvi and Kristin. It was fate.

4) Unlike Central time (where shows air an hour early), shows air at their regular time here on the West Coast. Which means everyone got to see Lost three hours before me. Which kind of sucks and makes me feel like I missed out. Well, I actually did miss out because it turns out I went to bed before 9 when Lost airs...I was jet-lagged, ok? But when it was 7:00 in the evening here and I realized that all my friends had just finished watching Lost, it made me feel like I was late for the party.

5) The sun never sets on NCIS. I used to think this saying only applied to Law and Order and CSI, because there is ALWAYS an episode of those shows on one channel or another. But apparently NCIS has now joined the endless rerun brigade.

Coming up next: Maggie spends the next 10 years trying to watch everything her DVR recorded this week while she was gone! Exciting.


dobber said...

you were in reno and spent the whole time watching star trek and lost?

Maggie Cats said...

That and working. And eating in great restaurants. I'm not much of a gambler. I did walk through the casino a lot though.