Monday, March 15, 2010

It's about frickin time.

One of the perils of DVR is that you sometimes fall behind on stuff. I can often fall a full week behind in watching some shows, including Chuck (I can hear Jeff's gasps of unbelief even from several hundred miles away).

So imagine my surprise this morning when getting ready for work I discovered that Morgan has FINALLY learned that Chuck is a spy. To which all I can say is...

HALLELUJAH! Also, Morgan is kinda badass. Who knew?

I think this is going to be great for the show. I've been whining/complaining/bitching that the old "I have to keep this secret from all my friends and family" route was getting old. And I always thought that Morgan would be great to have in on the whole spy thing. And look at that, I was right!

I'm so glad that instead of blowing up at Chuck for lying to him for 2.5 years he was thrilled to learn Chuck's secret. It was an unexpected twist, but fits perfectly with the character. And seriously, who wouldn't want an awesome international spy for a best friend? Chuck's mad Duck Hunt skills will definitely come in handy.

So cheers to Chuck! This season is moving right along at a good clip, and I really like the addition of Brandon Routh to the show (a.k.a. Superman). I know a lot of fans didn't like the idea of a new romantic interest for Sarah, not to mention Hannah, but I actually like the execution of both. After all, you need to come up with some reason to keep Sarah and Chuck apart. But now that Chuck has admitted to himself that he loves Sarah (to himself at least), who knows what the future holds?

Oh, and Chuck producers, writers, and directors?

Thanks for the many shirtless Captain Awesome shots. It definitely made my Monday.


Pamuk's Dad said...

Yeah, I know, wasn't Morgan just the best. And I have only one more word to add: Jeffster!

Maggie Cats said...