Monday, March 29, 2010

Drinking the Kool-Aid.

Ah, there's a certain satisfaction that comes from getting your friends hooked on something, isn't there? This past weekend, I found out that two of my friends have become addicted to Avatar: The Last Airbender since I made them sit down and watch it. And I'm not sure why, but sharing my love of certain shows just seems to result in a warm fuzzy feeling. Maybe it's because there's some kind of pay-it-forward thing happening. After all, some of my favorite shows were discovered based on word of mouth. Example: Doctor Who (Caroline), Gossip Girl (Chris), True Blood (Rachel), and even Avatar: The Last Airbender (Monkey), and on and on. So the more shows I recommend to other people, maybe the more awesome shows I will have recommended to me? There must be some kind of mathematical equation for this thing.

The more people who discover the awesomness of Appa, the better.


beerboy said...

Have you finished the second, or third seasons yet?

Gina F said...

I saw the First, Second and Third Season of Avatar. They were GREAT.

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Maggie Cats said...

Almost done with season 2 and then onwards to season 3! But I wish netflix would hurry up with the disks.