Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Since we no longer have traditional tv “seasons” this month the major networks are launching new shows. Each network has put all their chips into one new show. For NBC it’s Parenthood. For our readers not current on their late 80s movies, Parenthood was a parenting angst movie starring Steve Martin with EXCELLENT cameos from Keanu Reeves (pre the bus). The movie was all about the hardships of being a parent from late developing kids, to kid geniuses, to teen angst and even adults with childlike tendencies. It was a great movie and I assume Ron Howard is trying to capture the chemistry in his new show. (For the record they tried this in 1990 and failed)

I have to admit Parenthood (the tv show) is well thought out, constructed and even well written. It is clear that the writers spent time developing the family dynamic and characters. It is a family of two sisters and two brothers and each of their extended families. In the first two episodes, the teens got arrested, one of the kids was diagnosed with Asberger’s and an illegitimate child has shown up. The plot, though predictable, is also well put together. The family dynamic is there.

The high point in the show for me is the return of Lauren Graham to television. I know Gilmore Girls is a hit or miss show with readers, but for me it was a staple. Her character is charismatic and Lauren is doing great so far. The original pilot starred Maura Tierney in Lauren Graham's role, but due to her ongoing breast cancer treatment she couldn't continue. Though Maura will be missed, I am certainly happy they filled the role with Lauren. I also am loving Peter Krause (Six Feet Under) and Sam Jaeger (Eli Stone). Both are complimenting there “marital” counterparts well and making me chuckle. The low point is CERTAINLY Dax Shepherd. Why anyone would cast him in a real role perplexes me. His comedic role is lacking and his general presence annoys me. Hollywood continues to cast him in movies and shows despite his poor line delivery and lack luster emotions. Additionally, Erika Christensen is not holding up her own. Erika plays Julia, a high powered attorney trying to get to know her daughter, and its just not getting there for me. Perhaps there will be room for growth.

Overall, I have added it to the list. Plus I could sell it to my husband since Craig T. Nelson is in it. Try Parenthood tonight at 9.


Maggie Cats said...

I'm watching it as well and pretty much agree totally with your comments! Lauren Graham is definitely the highlight, even if she seems to just be doing a slightly less neurotic version of Lorelai Gilmore. I still love it.

Aunty Pol said...

I have to admit being hooked on the show in spite of it's faults ( hello Dax..please get a personality ..kthxbai) because the writing is just that good...Well..that and pirate costumes.

Waves from Houston

sdfsdf said...
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