Friday, March 05, 2010

LOST: Recent thoughts from around the interwebs

There's a lot of information out there about Lost. You could scour the Internet for hours trying to track it all down, but why bother? That's what I'm for, right? As soon as I've finished the most recent episode of Lost, I hop on the Internet and visit my favorite sites. Here are some of the best comments and thoughts from around the webs for this week's episode, "Sundown."

Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney over at The Washington Post have a weekly Lost "dueling analysis" column as well as an online chat.

Plano, TX: I think we'll look back on this episode as the one where we really understood what the sideways universe was all about.

It's not sideways, it's not flash-forward: It's Sideways/forward. The choices that the Losties make in this war indicate what happens to them in the alternate universe. Choose Flocke, you're damned to repeat the same cycle you were in (Re: Sayid and killing, Kate and running). If you chose Jacob, you'll find some resolution of your issues (Jack and his daddy-issues/son- issues). Thoughts?

And of course, any Lost trip around the world wide web isn't complete without paying a visit to Doc Jensen's column over at Entertainment Weekly.

"For years he has been trapped, but now Jacob is gone. He is free. This man will not stop until he has destroyed every living thing on the Island. ...He is evll incarnate.''

"I'm thinking Dogen was getting it wrong, too, either because he's misinformed or biased because of what Jacob did for his son: spared him from death. In fact, think about the wondrous things associated with Jacob. Richard's eternal youth. The resurrection hot spring. And, if you believe Ben from season 3, a cure for cancer. Jacob isn't ''good,'' per se — he's just capable of giving life. Put another way: Jacob is the god of beginnings. He is The Alpha. The Man in Black? Not evil — he's the god of endings. He is the Omega. The beginning and the end. Polar, warring opposites, but absolutely necessary for life to bloom (Alpha) and to have form (Omega). Both are necessary for anything to have meaning. Jacob unchecked leads to chaos; Man In Black unchecked leads to annihilation. Both need to exist in balance; both need to be equally weighted rocks on the scale."

USA Today's pop culture blogger, Whitney, rounds up the 10 best Lost thoughts from the comment threads of Pop Candy every Friday. :
froglegggz: The flash sideways are showing us what happens if they "take the deal" from Flocke/Jacob. Dogens deal w/jacob was that he would take his new job... keepin the temple safe... and he would be rewarded with his son never having died... his sacrifice would be that he was never allowed to see him/leave... So i think it was very clear tonight that we saw Sayid after he took Flocke's deal... Nadia would be alive...and his sacrifice was HE COULD NEVER BE WITH HER?
What if someone had never seen Lost and was working their way through the final season? They would probably be pretty confused.
When I went to start last night’s episode I noticed Said was spelled Sayid in the cable guide description. Fine. I was using the spelling a college friend uses, but it’s their show so I am going to honor their wishes by adding another letter in there. I’m not counting this on my ignorance tally. It’s pretty high already.

And finally....bonus music video! Miley meets Hurley.


Priya said...

Hey! So every week I put together a link-o-rama for Lost. I usually post them all by the next day when all the recaps are up but you can always find them here:

Also if you can't remember what happened in an episode and don't feel like going over to TWHP for thier awesome but long recaps I did watch every episode before the season started...

Just thought I would share! I love the WaPo lost girls.

Maggie Cats said...

Awesome! I will definitely check that out. I was impressed by a bunch of the stuff I read regarding this particular episode, hence the post with all the links, but it's very neat (and impressive) that you do it every week! *runs over to wordpress to check out all the past links....*