Wednesday, December 09, 2009

That word... is Dollhouse.

It is just me, or are we devolving into a Glee/Joss Whedon fan blog? Not that I'm complaining or doing anything to stop this trend. Actually, I may be single-handedly perpetuating it. Who else can't wait for fandoms to collide in the Whedon-directed episode of Glee (coming in March, I believe)?

Anyhoodle, last night I caught up on Friday's double-feature of Dollhouse, aka How Eliza Dushku Killed My Hopes and Dreams for Primetime Joss. I kid, I kid. Though as Maggie Cats will attest, we found out at Comic Con that Dushku isn't as ditzy as she sometimes appears ... she's even ditzier. (P.S. Is that a word?)

I was pleasantly surprised to see the introduction of Summer Glau as the DC version of Topher... but somewhat disappointed that she was playing another crazy person. Don't get me wrong - we all miss Firefly's River Tam. That doesn't mean I want to see her pop up again with a dead arm and, you know. Evil.

Maybe I am being too harsh. I did love the character, Bennett Halverson, and her interaction with Topher. The sexual tension was awkward and delicious. Two little evil geniuses in love! They're going to make little evil babies and live wickedly ever after - yay :D

We also saw Ray Wise as the DC's answer to DeWitt, exuding the devilish charm that landed him a central role in Reaper. Alexis Denisof (Senator Perrin, nee Wesley Wyndam-Pryce) continued to grace us with his presence. Enver Gjokaj (Vincent) did an amazing job as a doll-copy of Topher. And we got more Miracle Laurie (Mellie), whom I love beyond all reason. So many people to adore, so little time ... *sniff* Okay, now I'm getting sad about the (albeit inevitable) Dollhouse cancellation (the final episode airs Jan. 22).

By the by, did anyone else catch Kilo that was Groupie #1 from Dr. Horrible, Maurissa Tancharoen, aka the mastermind behind the character Penny and Joss' sister-in-law? And while it may be true that Nobody's Asian in the Movies, some people are Asian on TV :-)

For more Dollhouse and Whedon-verse love, check out this article/interview (from Dec. 2) with Joss on "The Watcher." SPOILER ALERT: at the end of the interview, you'll find plot summaries for the last two episodes and details from the next six. I couldn't resist, but you should try to be strong.


Maggie Cats said...

These episodes had so many gasp-worthy moments it was crazy. Although I have to admit, I thought Alexis was kind of terrible. Not his best work.

Monkey Sri said...

Really? I didn't notice. I'll have to keep a closer eye on him this week...