Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?

Like Maggie Cats, I too was snowed in this weekend. With no cable, and therefore no DVR, at my disposal, I turned instead to Netflix. Specifically, the magic little disc that turns my PS3 into a Netflix-ready device and allows me to watch anything from my Instant Queue. Kick ass.

I chose to watch The IT Crowd, a BBC series (read: six episodes per season) about an archetypal Information Technology department in a large corporation. The employees include two "IT guys," Moss and Roy, and one "Relationship Manager," Jen. Moss is so socially inept that he is essentially a 32 year-old child. Roy is constantly trying to be more 'normal,' often in hopes of getting laid, and always failing miserably. Jen only got the job with IT because she lied about her computer skills on her CV - she doesn't even know what IT stands for. The three do daily battle with lecherous bosses, dismissive and computer-illiterate coworkers, and Richmond, the creepy goth living in the server room (wait... what?). The basic structure, as you might well imagine, a character-driven comedy of errors.

The writing of the show is sometimes brilliant, and sometime cheesy. They go to the old standby jokes a little too much for my taste - for example, whenever someone calls down for help it's because they need to restart their computer, haven't turned it on, or haven't plugged it in. Every. Single. Time. We get it - Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. Move on already!
But once you get past the cheese, the brilliance is well worth it - especially from Richard Ayoade, who plays Moss. His oblivious/naive nature is occasionally interrupted by hilarious moments of self-awareness. For example, in one episode Moss storms out of Roy's apartment, upset because they spend so much time together.
Moss: Can't you see - you're my wife, Roy! *stops at the doorstep, grabs Roy and shakes him* You're my wife. You're my wife! We should be married to ladies but we're married to each other. You're my wife!
*two women walk by, staring*
Roy: Could you stop calling me your wife?
Moss: You're my wife, Roy, and I can't take it anymore! *runs off*
Roy: (to the women) If anything, I'm the husband!
My one other issue with the show is that it lacks continuity. There are scattered tie-ins to previous episodes, but there is no real story-arc within or between seasons. This may be a function of the medium - with only six episodes per season, perhaps they just don't have the time. I would love it if the fourth season (due out next year, can't wait!) would work a little more on this issue. Even if it doesn't, though, I will be tuning in - if I were you, I'd add the previous three seasons to your Netflix queue, and hole up over the holidays with Moss, Roy, and Jen.


Maggie Cats said...

Is it just me, or does the chick in that picture look like our very own Jennifer?

I'm definitely going to check this show out, thanks for the write-up, Monkey!

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