Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Lighter Side of Ramsay

Tonight I witnessed something I never thought possible on FOX. A sweet, cuddly and down right charming Gordon Ramsay. FOX is really pushing their new show Gordon Ramsay's Cookalong Show. Unlike, Hell's Kitchen, Cookalong teaches the lay person how to cook english classics. Tonight we learned how to make Steak Diane and Tiramisu.

The hook, of course, is celebrities. Ramsay uses celebs as his cooking dummies. This episode featured Cedric the Entertainer, Allison Hannigan (who we all love) and LeAnn Rimes. Ramsay casually teased the celebrities. For instance he mocked LeAnn Rimes's recent car accidents and asked Allison if she learned how to cook "at band camp."

The show was relatively blah in terms of a cooking show. Ramsay was hard to follow and gave instructions like "pour in cream" neglecting to mention how much. My husband particularly loved the instruction of "cook the steak" with no directions, length of time or heat on the pan. After further research, I have found via wikipedia this show is a knock off of the same show Ramsay did in Britain. It is clear the celebs and their cooking is more the point. Ramsay even cut to Whoopi Goldberg cooking from their satalite kitchen in New Jersey.

Fox did attempt to show off their "high tech" skills by cutting to people all over the US via skype. And don't think skype didn't make sure their logo was all over everything.

Overall, this is a blah reality show with a blah premise. Gordon Ramsay does bring in the viewer, but it makes your realize he is such a jerk on HK on purpose. I might tune in next week, but with REALLY low expectations.

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Maggie Cats said...

I had not even heard of this show, but might check it out since I kind of love Gordon Ramsey. I don't watch Hells Kitchen, but I love his Kitchen Nightmares show on BBC America (I think I blogged about it a couple years ago?) so I might check this out!