Saturday, December 19, 2009

What does one watch when trapped in a one bedroom condo for days on end? I figured I would use the blog to chronicle the tv shows and movies I used to entertain myself as the DC area is attacked (yes, ATTACKED) by the worst snow storm since 1962 (when the record December snow fall was 18 inches--I think we got that beat). If you're in the same situation, feel free to share what you're watching!

On the first day of the snowstorm I watched:

--A Very Supernatural Christmas (and the episode that followed it on the DVD)

--Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

--National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

--parts of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

--the end of 50 First Dates

--several hours of the local news for snow updates

--I tried to find the Season 2 finale of Damages online since I missed it when it aired but was unsuccessful. WTF, Hulu?

I did manage to squeeze in a workout, some reading, and several baking projects, but other than that it was a very successful day of tv watching!

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